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Our Approach

Creative Cost Management

At New England Recruiting Services, we believe in offering you much more than simply sending you resumes and asking for a percentage of income in return.  Our unique approach is to work with you on each staffing need as if it was your most important hire, and we will price the work appropriately and honestly.  If we believe the position can be filled quickly based upon the availability of matching candidates, we are glad to lower our fees, place the new employee, and move on to your next search.  Conversely, if the position is one of those that could take additional time and resources to locate the right candidate, we’ll be honest with you up front and not drag you through a long unproductive process, just hoping to get lucky down the road.


Our No Nonsense Approach

Why are “headhunter” fees set at 20%, 25%, or 30% of first year salary?  Simple – clients have come to expect it as the industry standard and accept it as a cost of doing business.  When you pay a flat percentage rate, you are paying for salaries of consultants, expensive office space, advertising, and other expenses that may or may not be relevant to what you really need – a great hire.  Our NERS search and placement consultants are as experienced as any professionals in the business, and our network is just as deep and extensive as theirs. We believe the value of your recruitment consulting partner is reflected in the quality and the effort of the work engaged.  And one size does not fit all.


Get The Most Bang For Your Buck

Depending upon your internal resources and manpower to recruit effectively, we may recommend more than simply presenting candidates for you to choose from. Check out our services below and learn how New England Recruiting  Services can meet your talent acquisition needs.


Strategically Tailored Services That Optimize Your Gain

Volume Hiring

Process Consulting

College Recruiting

Contract Recruiter

Diversity Targeting