Recruiting Services in Boston and New England


Recruiting & Placement
Most of our clients need qualified people… yesterday.  Our Consultants are well-networked and well-versed in all the contemporary search tools in use today.  We will meet with you to discuss your specific needs, review job descriptions, understand the hiring manager's key issues, and establish a service agreement to deliver qualified full-time, part-time or contract candidates within an appropriate time frame.  NERS can either conduct first-line research for your recruiters, or we can take a full-cycle approach to provide pre-qualified, pre-screened, and prepared finalist candidates for your open positions.

Contract Recruiting
If your internal resources are stretched too thin and cannot take on all the recruiting processes necessary to get new talent through the door, we can provide a Contract Recruiting solution where a NERS Consultant will partner with your team to either manage your full-cycle recruiting activities or to process only specific transitions, providing either a short-term or longer-term solution to your needs.

Interviewer Training
Interviewing remains the single most important selection tool in use today.  However, managers continue to make the same fatal mistakes when interviewing job applicants.  Managers try hard and mean well, but simply do not know the secrets of effective interviewing, the tools and techniques that can make or break the recruiting process.  We have trained hundreds of HR professionals and hiring managers and can work directly with your Human Resources and Management teams through group workshops and practice sessions to teach them the basics of effective interviewing, tips to stay legal, how to structure an interview, how ask great questions from well-written job descriptions, and more.

College Recruiting & Programmatic Recruiting
Most recruiting needs are immediate or incremental.  However, the key to maintaining a healthy pipeline of talent for your organization is through programmatic approaches that can be scaled up, down, or cross-functionally depending upon your company’s climate.  Effective college recruiting programs can attract fresh talent, anxious to succeed with new and innovative approaches to the job.  Whether you are targeting interns, co-ops, new graduates, diversity candidates or even more experienced workers, NERS can help you build sustainable programs that will continue to deliver quality year after year.

Recruitment Process Improvement & Talent Acquisition Consulting
Perhaps your organization is relying too heavily on agencies because you do not have the infrastructure to run an effect talent acquisition function, or your recruitment function may simply be outdated or under-resourced.  Perhaps you need to go beyond Interviewer Training and invest resources in Applicant Tracking or complete Talent Management Systems.  You may need to kick-start your website and candidate portal to attract better applicants.  Our Consultants have decades of experience and expertise in Process Improvement, Talent Management, Metrics, Technology, and Best Practices in Recruiting. 

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